Small Wood Wicks 5 stk – fyrir 5 – 6.25 þvermál –


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These all-natural single-ply wooden wicks perform well in a wide variety of waxes,
resulting in a relaxing crackling sound and an appealing aesthetic.

Our wicks come with high-quality metal wick holders.

Wick Type:Wooden Wick
Tab Include:True
Container Diameter:2-2.5 Inches
Wick Width:0.375 Inches
Wick Length:6 Inches  15 sm lengd

All wood used to manufacture our wooden wicks is purchased in the USA and
comes from mills that maintain an FSC certification and practice environmentally-friendly forestry standards.

The amount of crackle when burning will be affected by the wax type and amount of color and fragrance used.
Trim wick to 1/8″ to 3/16” before lighting; Trim after each burn.