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  • Ferming – Samúð – Skírn og  til  hamingju

  • Þurrpastel Soft Pastels A complete colour spectrum of soft pastels with excellent lightfastness and adhesion to paper. Strong, brilliant colours that blend easily, offering a smooth colour laydown. Soft pastels contain less binder and more pigment than oil pastels, which gives them their soft, velvet texture allowing them to be blended or smudged with a […]

  • Spiral Solid Black Cartridge Book 350gsm 20 sheets A5 Short Edge (Pad)   Svart cover og svartur pappír Description Good quality, black cartridge paper, which is available in 350gsm. With a solid black front and back cover 20 Sheets

  • Alginate NEW Chromatic 450g Brilliant new colour changing alginate. Now it is easy to make a mould from the human body, hands, feet, torso, etc. Changes colour at each stage, mixing, pouring & setting to make the process fool proof. Powder to water ratio can be altered to give a firm or flexible mould. Contains […]

  • Super Flash Green Colour & Pigmentation series There are a variety of colours in this series and they can be used separately but can be mixed with other transparent pigments to make your products more colourful. According to different quantities of absorptive pigment and thickness of coating layers you can get various different colours. When […]

  • Bronze Mica – Crystal Iron Pigment Characteristics:  The effect of pearl luster is determined be the depth of titanium oxide. Silver white pearl luster is formed by the thinnest titanium oxide coating, and with increasing of the depth of titanium oxide, the luster of reflection will take on the luster of Gold and colour. The […]

  • Mica powder er litarefni  – svipað  og fínn glimmer  – notað til að fá málm og perlu áferð MULTIPURPOSE MICA POWDER – An absolutely titanium dioxide, this mica mineral powder is ideal for DIY craft use, such as plastics, slime making, homemade bath bombs and jewelry, melt & pour, lip balm, acrylic painting, screen printing, […]

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