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  • Prime Art Synergy Brushes Interlock synthetic hair with a firm flex for oil and acrylic Individual filaments soft enough to use with inks and water based media Long matt handles Available in bright, filbert and round PA6039B1 Prime Art Synergy 6039 B1 PA6039B2 Prime Art Synergy 6039 B2 PA6039B4 Prime Art Synergy 6039 B4 PA6039B6 […]

  • With pigments such as the Diamond series, Chameleons and some of the Crystal series, these are best seen against a dark or black background as they are designed that way. Sést best á dökkum grunni – með þunnu lagi Cyan / Blue / Violet / Red Chameleon Series – breytir um lit Chameleon Pearl Pigments […]

  • Niji 36-Color Aquarelle Watercolor Set – Brilliant, matte watercolors. Perfect for artists, designers, students and crafters. Each round tray boasts a generous amount of water soluble color formulated to dissolve easily in water. The lid serves as a mixing palette and the package has a convenient removable tab for hanging. This set includes golden ochre, […]

  • Stearic Acid – Traditionally used as a thickening agent in lotion, this vegetable derived waxy substance is also used as a hardening agent in soaps (at a .5% of your oils as a usage rate). Stearic acid is also used as a hardening agent in candles, vegetable or paraffin based. Ingredients: Botanical Name:  Stearic Acid

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  • This paper is acid free, NOT surface and colour stable. Each product is suitable for pastels, inks, designers’ gouache and acylics. This gummed pad consists of 12 sheets of 300gsm watercolour paper.

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