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  • PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The Mont Marte Mini Detail Brush Set is great for small scale projects and detailed art. The thick easy-grip handles allow you to achieve minor details and are suitable for all types of paints ad mediums including acrylic, oil & watercolour. FEATURES Thick easy-grip handles Taklon brushes Brushes included are; Shader Angled Spot […]

  • Mix the material with water and is ready for use. Relation: 125-190ml water for 1kg of powder. Prepare the mold (preferably plastic, strong cardboard or paperboard, paper or wood). Before molding, the mold must be coated with edible oil or separator, which will make it easier to remove concrete from the mold. Mix the powder in the […]

  • Trélitir   This fabulous tin of Mont Marte Coloured Pencils consists of thick soft leads in 36 vibrant colours. Each fade resistant colour is easily blended for shading and mixed media techniques, and as they are made using top quality pigments you can be assured of a high degree of lightfastness in your drawing projects.The […]

  • Mica powder er litarefni  – svipað  og fínn glimmer  – notað til að fá málm og perlu áferð MULTIPURPOSE MICA POWDER – An absolutely titanium dioxide, this mica mineral powder is ideal for DIY craft use, such as plastics, slime making, homemade bath bombs and jewelry, melt & pour, lip balm, acrylic painting, screen printing, […]

  • YASUTOMO-Fold ‘Ems Origami Paper: Assorted colors. Create something unique with Fold’ems! This pack comes with fifty-five sheets of assorted solids in three different sizes: twenty-nine sheets of 3-1/2in, eighteen sheets of 4-1/2in and eight sheets of 5-7/8in square. Non-toxic

  • Skrautskriftartúss Features a dual tip with narrow (2mm) and broad (5mm) ends. Ideal for making beautiful letters, borders and designs on paper crafts. The water-based pigment ink is photo safe, acid-free, lightfast, odorless and xylene-free.

  • Gesso Spray Primes art surfaces quickly & thoroughly, so you’re ready to go in 15 minutes. Bright white, will not yellow Ideal for artist canvas and floor cloths Resists chipping DRY TO TOUCH: 15 minutes DRY TO HANDLE: 2 hours FOR USE ON Wood, Metal, Plastic, Paper Mache, Glass, Plaster, Ceramic, Fabric, Paper, Wicker, Canvas

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