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  • PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Do you want rich and vibrant colour pencils without busting the bank balance? Well that’s exactly what you get with Mont Marte Essential Colour Pencils, because they are easily affordable, yet still maintain a very high quality standard. These pencils are a delight to use; they have rich and velvety textures in a […]

  • Works great for photo transfer to canvas Works great. The key is to use a good amount of transfer medium, squeegee out the excess, and to let dry overnight. Deco Art-Image Transfer Medium: Clear Ideal for use with Americana Decor Transfer Images black and white or color laser copies For best results use lightweight paper

  • Diamond Blue Diamond Series – sést best á dökkum grunni Composed of high transparent flake crystals coated with titanium dioxide and other metal oxides, our Diamond effect pigment series creates a sparkling multi-color diamond-like dazzling effect that will enhance your product’s appearance and attract your customers. With exceptional transparent clarity, this series is more chromatic, […]

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